Other language teachers

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Other language teachers teach non-native languages to adults and children who are learning a language for reasons of migration, to fulfil employment requirements or opportunities, to facilitate participation in educational programmes delivered in a foreign language, or for personal enrichment. They work outside the mainstream primary, secondary and higher education systems, or in support of students and teachers within those systems.
Tasks include -
(a)  assessing the level of ability and the extent of language difficulties of students,  and establishing students’ needs and learning goals; 
(b)  planning, preparing and delivering lessons and workshops for groups and individuals, with content and rate of progression adapted to students’ abilities and needs; 
(c)  designing and producing teaching materials and adapting existing materials; 
(d)  assessing students’ progress;
(e)  assisting students in classroom settings where subjects are taught in a language other than the students’ native language;
(f)  providing assistance to other teachers by designing special teaching programmes for students still learning the main language of instruction;
(g)  assigning and correcting work, and preparing and grading exams; 
(h)  assessing, recording and reporting on students’ progress.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
-  Intensive language teacher
-  Migrant education teacher
-  Practical language teacher
-  Second language teacher
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
-  University lecturer - 2310
-  Vocational education teacher - 2320
-  Secondary school teacher - 2330
-  Primary school teacher - 2341


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