The occupations pillar is one of the three pillars of ESCO. It organises the occupation concepts in ESCO. It uses hierarchical relationships between them, metadata as well as mappings to the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) in order to structure the occupations.

Each occupation concept contains one preferred term and any number of non-preferred terms and hidden terms in each of the ESCO languages.

Each occupation also comes with an occupational profile. The profiles contain an explanation of the occupation in the form of description, scope note and definition. Furthermore, they list the knowledge, skills and competences that experts considered relevant terminology for this occupation on a European scale.

2942 Occupations

In ESCO, each occupation is mapped to exactly one ISCO-08 code. ISCO-08 can therefore be used as a hierarchical structure for the occupations pillar. ISCO-08 provides the top four levels for the occupations pillar. ESCO occupations are located at level 5 and lower.

This structure can be browsed through the left of the page. Select a concept and it can be viewed in both condensed and full views. An occupation in condensed view includes ist description and terms, while all information on a concept can be seen in full view.

Full view

  • Description
  • Alternative label
  • Regulatory aspect
  • ISCO-08 code
  • Definition
  • Scope notes
  • Hierarchy
  • Narrower occupations
  • Essential skills and competences
  • Essential Knowledge
  • Optional skills and competences
  • Optional Knowledge
  • Status
  • Replaces
  • Replaced by
  • Concept URI

Condensed view

  • Description
  • Alternative label