ESCO and the new Europass: occupations and skills for lifelong career management

Modern times require the best and more efficient tools for learners and workers to manage and develop their career throughout their life. The European Commission is responding to this need by launching a modernised Europass.

From 1 July 2020, all European citizens will be able to benefit from an innovative and user-friendly platform to manage their careers from a lifelong perspective. Current services offered by Europass such as the creation of a profile to record skills, qualifications, interests and experiences, are now strengthened with tailored suggestions of courses and jobs. This information will also include links to national services to support finding jobs and learning opportunities.

Semantic tools such as the ESCO classification play an important role in implementing the new Europass framework, for helping citizens to describe occupations, skills and interests. More specifically:

  • ESCO supports selecting the occupation desired when creating a CV;

  • ESCO supports the identification of users’ skills. Users can select their skills from the ESCO classification and receive tailored suggestions based on their profile; and

  • ESCO supports selecting interest tags to fill in the “My Interests” section of the new Europass. These interests will be used as inputs for training and job suggestions.

A full overview of all the features of the new Europass can be found via this link . If you are an ESCO implementer or would like to start using ESCO, share your questions and feedback in our online fora or via email at EMPL-ESCO-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu