ESCO facilitates the design of learning and career paths

On 8 February 2016 the ESCO Secretariat travelled to Innsbruck to present ESCO at the kick off  meeting of the OpenEuropean Skill Match Maker (OPESKIMR), a Europe 2020 project funded by the Commission.

OPESKIMR aims at creating a European-wide learning technology system to support effective (re)-training by matching the current knowledge of individuals with the most demanded labor market skills, and suggest possible learning roadmaps that will enable European citizens to acquire the required knowledge and skills. By entering the destination and their skills, talents and preferences for the journey, the Open European Skill Match Maker will show to the applicants alternatives, travelling time and necessary resources like education and open learning offers and potential costs.

The OPESKIMR partnership ensures that the needs of both education and labor market will betaken into account during the development of the project.

Academy Cube, which has already implemented ESCO in its platform, will be the first fully integrated user of OPESKIMR. The talent platform supports companies throughout Europe in their search for talented professionals in the STEM area and offers an intensive business partner network, a sustainable non-for profit model with national offices all over Europe and 12 years of experience in the field of innovative learning, recruiting and matching.

To this end, and in order to ensure a consistent and common understanding of the skills and qualifications of the talents subscribed on the platform, Academy Cube uses the ESCO occupations and skills terminology to improve the matching of skills profiles with jobs for the ICT sector. Academy Cube will therefore serve as the pilot platform on which OPESKIMR will be developed and ESCO will be integrated.