ESCO meets the Dutch House of Skills

On 10 February 2020, the ESCO team metthe Dutch public-private partnership House of Skills which works in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to support the transition towards a skills-based labour market. This meeting was designed to share feedback on the use of ESCO and to start an exchange of best practices around different digital labour market initiatives.


The House of Skills is currently developing a number of digital tools and running several pilots with the aim to improve intersectoral mobility and ensure sustainable employability. Thanks to the nature of such a public-private partnership, the House of Skills has already built a wide network of workers, job seekers, employers, sectoral organisations, education institutions and social partners, with more than 90  parties having signed at the end of 2018 a Regional Skills Agreement.


In order to achieve this goal, the House of Skills team is focusing on matching qualifications and skills owned by jobseekers with the ones required by employers. In their approach, the different digital applications make use of ESCO occupations and skills and the O*NET taxonomy.


During this meeting, the Commission presented the latest updates on ESCO and gave an introduction on the new version of Europass, which will be launched in May 2020. On the other hand, the House of Skills representatives gave an overview of the instruments they offer to jobseekers and employers and of their current pilot with Schiphol airport. Finally,the participants had the opportunity to exchange views on innovative local,regional and European initiatives on skills–based job-matching approaches in the labour market.