New updates in the ESCO classification

In July 2020, the Commission released two minor versions of ESCO (v1.0.6 and v1.0.7). The changes reflect the continuous update process aimed at delivering a more efficient classification for the labour market.

The most important changes included in these new versions are:

  • The availability of the descriptions of all ESCO concepts in all ESCO languages. From now on, the descriptions of ESCO occupations, skills and knowledge concepts are available in 27 languages (all official EU languages plus Arabic, Icelandic and Norwegian). This is an important step towards a better representation and equal inclusion of the national labour market of every European Member State.
  • The migration of qualifications data from ESCO to Europass. Nevertheless, ESCO maintains its role as a common reference language to compare, identify and analyse qualifications. ESCO also continues to support the correlation of qualifications to skills and occupations needed across occupations and sectors. More information is available on the Qualification section of our portal.

To get a more detailed overview of the latest changes and compare the different versions of ESCO, please visit our Versions page in the portal.

If you are an ESCO implementer and want to share your experience, please get in touch via email at EMPL-ESCO-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu,use our hashtag  #ESCO_EU and join our online forum at https://ec.europa.eu/esco/forum/.