External publications in the new ESCO portal

In the first quarter of 2021, the Commission will launch an improved version of the ESCO portal. The new portal will provide the same content, but displayed in a fresh design. Citizens, ESCO implementers and stakeholders in general will benefit from an enhanced website thanks to advanced content discovery tools, a visually compelling layout, links to ease the navigation, and a number of visual hints to guide the user.

Following feedback received from ESCO implementers, a new section will also be included in the portal to promote academic papers, articles or reports which make use of ESCO in their methodology. The section will display the following information for each work: basic publication details (such as authors and year of publication), abstract, and link to the platform which hosts the work.

As ESCO becomes increasingly used in applications and research projects across Europe and beyond, it is valuable to collect such sources and share best practices by diverse stakeholders. Therefore the section on external publications strengthens the sharing of knowledge within the ESCO community, and can contribute to mutual learning in the field of skills, occupations and qualifications among European and international actors.

If you are interested in sharing your publication, please write to EMPL-ESCO-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu and stay tuned for the launch of the new ESCO portal!