The ESCO survey is online: help us improve!

Since the official launch of ESCO in 2017, the European Commission has committed to an ongoing improvement process. Feedback from a varied range of stakeholders is currently collected with the aim to deliver an updated and effective taxonomy for the European labour market and education and training area.

Advice and suggestions collected until now have been extremely valuable for enhancing ESCO and for designing its next version (v1.1). For this reason, a new survey has been developed and is now available for every user of the ESCO taxonomy (ESCO implementers). The survey covers five different areas, namely the relevance of ESCO, its impact on implementers’ services, the implementation process, opinions on communication materials and on the collection of Key Performance Indicators. This survey represents a unique chance for implementers not only to express and elaborate their views on ESCO, but also to gain familiarity with it and to help the Commission to provide the improvements that are really needed in ESCO v1.1. 


The Commission is looking forward to listening to ESCO implementers’ experience!