Participation of  ESCO in the EKIDEN Relay Marathon-Fundraising results

The "Run, ESCO, Run!" team of ESCO participated in the 2015 Acerta Brussels Ekiden marathon.

Under the lead of their team captain Angeliki DEDOPOULOU, the six members of the ESCO Secretariat (Aldo LAUDIMartin LE VRANGVito SPINELLIPedro CHAVES, and Aikaterini SYLLA) participated in the relay marathon to support GIVE EUR-HOPE.


The team managed to fundraise 334,22 Euro which will support GIVE EUR-HOPE in their fight against poverty. This year the teams of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion fundraised around 2 900 Euro out of the more than 17 000 Euro raised by all Commission teams).


The money that have been raised will support the following projects:


- The Centre for Education and Training (CEFA) in Anderlecht, which provides both practical, technical training andvocational training in enterprises, aims at enhancing social integration foryoung students from deprived backgrounds : to combat early school leaving, GEH has funded some of the workshops led by recognized artists to promote students’ cultural expression (Project «Gratins de cultures »)


- Stichting Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) in one of the poorest regions of north eastern Romania, aims to tackle child poverty by supporting access to education; the "Timmy Mouse Educational Project" provides interactive education material to very under privileged children with the aim of giving them an equal chance at school. More details are available at www.rchf.eu


Thank you all that helped with your fundraising to give hope to children in poverty!