EURES is the network of European employment services. It helps to bring together job vacancies and job applications throughout Europe. To this end, the Member States and the Commission cooperate to provide job search and job matching services on the EURES job mobility portal

ESCO will help to connect people with jobs by making the services of the EURES portal even better.

Art.19 of the EURES Regulation foresees that a European classification supports the automated matching of job vacancies and job applications. This facilitates cooperation between all members of the EURES network and enables new services and features that directly benefit the users. The Commission is developing and continuously updating ESCO to serve as this European classification.EURES will use ESCO as a common European reference language to find the best match between jobseekers and job posts, by automatically comparing knowledge, skills and competences requested by the employer with the skills profile of candidates. Additional information embedded in ESCO, such assynonyms and the relationships between concepts can make the job matching process more precise. This way, users get more accurate results, even across language barriers.Jobseekers and employers will benefit from the use of ESCO in EURES.

Jobseekers can better understand job vacancies as those will be described more accurately, including multilingual information on the knowledge, skills and competences required for the job. Employers can be more precise when describing the skills and competences required for their vacancies and better understand how talents from other European countries can help them thrive their business.