EURES peer-learning activity: sharing best practices on the use of ESCO by Public Employment Services

On 22 and 23 September, ESCO participated at the EURES online peer-learning activity “Enhancing job mobility through a common language”. EURES is the European network of Public Employment Services (PES), designed to facilitate the free movement of workers.

According to the EURES Regulation, EU Member States need to map their national occupational and skill classifications to ESCO (read more here). In order to support this process, the Commission organises training sessions for representatives of European PES.

In the peer-learning activity of 22 and 23 September, Member States exchanged experiences and best practices on the implementation of ESCO (mapping to or adoption of ESCO). This included challenges and lessons learnt as well as feedback on ESCO’s quality which will be used in the next major version of ESCO (to be published at the end of 2021).

The activity included discussions, Q&A sessions and presentations by ESCO and EURES. ESCO presented a demo of the latest version of the ESCO mapping platform while EURES presented how the EURES matching process will take place upon completion of ESCO’s implementation.

The Commission has made available the ESCO helpdesk to support European PES on the ESCO implementation, which can be contacted at EMPL-ESCO-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu.