A forum for domain experts available on the ESCO portal

The European Commission would like to involve European and national stakeholders in the revision of the ESCO classification.

The input of domain experts is essential for the preparation of ESCO's next major version (version 1.1) as sectoral experts can provide specific expertise on the knowledge, skills and competences needed in specific economic sectors or specific occupations or onto cross-sectoral knowledge, skills and competences.

This is why the Commission has published on the ESCO portal the community forum for domain experts, a collaborative space designed to facilitate the interaction, communication and exchange of information between the European Commission and experts from all domains of the economy.

The forum allows stakeholders to engage in active discussions around ESCO on the skills and competences needed for a specific occupation or across sectors, to signal any modification in the nature of an occupation and on the skills associated to it and to propose new occupations, skills and competences that are not yet part of ESCO.

Public and private stakeholders are encouraged to join the forum and submit their comments and feedback on how ESCO could be improved. The Commission will moderate the discussion and propose topics for debate.