Final workshop of the ESCO skills mapping pilot

On 3 May 2018 the final workshop of the ESCO skills mapping pilot  took place in Brussels. The ESCO skills mapping pilot was developed to test the creation of mapping relations between national skill classification systems and ESCO. The Commission conducted the project together with the public employment services of Austria and Sweden between January and April 2018. Belgium and Romania joined the pilot as observers.

During the workshop the Commission presented the findings of the mapping pilot. The participants and observers had the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience carrying out the various steps of the pilot. The Commission will use this feedback to improve the methodology of the mapping process. A report outlining the content, procedure and findings of the ESCO skills mapping pilot will be published at the end of May on the ESCO portal.

The ESCO skills mapping pilot is part of the technical support that the Commission will offer to the Member States to either establish mapping relations between their national, regional and sectoral classifications to ESCO or replace them with ESCO, pursuant to Article 19 of the updated EURES Regulation.