ESCO v0 new features

The now public ESCO v0 is a classification of skills and competences, occupations and qualifications. In total the classification contains more than 200 000 terms. The classification is divided in three pillars that can be browsed independently and are linked to one another:

Skills and competences: ESCO v0 includes around 5 000 skills and competences, each one in 22 languages. Skills and competences are divided in job-specific skills and competences and in transversal skills and competences. While job-specific skills and competences are relevant for jobs in specific occupations or economic sectors, transversal skills and competences can be applied in a large variety of jobs.

Occupations: ESCO v0 contains around 4 800 occupations, in 22 languages each. The occupations are structured hierarchically, based on the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08), which is developed by the International Labour organisation (ILO).

Qualifications: While work on qualifications data in ESCO is on-going, ESCO v0 already shows a small sample of qualifications.

All data can be freely downloaded through the ESCO Portal in rdf, csv and xml formats.

ESCO will be used by the EURES portal in the future, in order to enhance job matching functionality.

Continuous development of the ESCO classification will see an updated version (ESCO v0.1) by end of 2014.