New expression of interest to join one of ESCO's Reference Groups

Currently, ESCO is being developed together with stakeholders and experts grouped according to their professional expertise around 11 Sectoral Reference Groups and the Cross-sector Reference Group. Another 16 Sectoral Reference Groups will be established from 2014 onwards in order to cover all sectors of the economic activity.

The Sectoral Reference Groups are made up of experts from a particular sector, like Tourism and Hospitality for example, and they are responsible for the development of the content of the ESCO classification in that sector. Supported by a taxonomist, Reference Groups generally meet in Brussels about four times a year.

The Sectoral Reference Groups review and validate occupations, as well as sector-specific skills/competences and qualifications. The goal is to adapt the ESCO classification to the reality of European education/training systems and labour markets in the specific sector.

The work of the Sectoral Reference Group is accompanied and supported by the Cross-Sector Reference Group (CSREF). The CSREF develops a structure for the cross-sector skills/competences and identifies a list of cross-sector skills/competences, based on the analysis of existing sources like DISCO, national and sectoral taxonomies and existing research. The structure and content of the cross sector skills/competences will be improved through constant interaction with the SREF.

In May 2014, the ESCO Secretariat has launched a call to look for new candidates to address missing expertise in some of the existent Reference Groups.

The ESCO Secretariat would like to find additional candidates for some of the subsectors of the already established Reference Groups to get a better representation of the economic activity. These subsectors include:

  • Rental and leasing and motor vehicles sales and repair (Wholesale, retail trade, rental and leasing Reference Group);

  • Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products, manufacture of dairy products and manufacture of wine (Manufacturing of food, beverages and tobacco Reference Group);

  • Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas, mining of metal ores and the field of heavy industry (Mining and heavy industry Reference Group);

  • Telecommunications sector (ICT service activities),

  • Gambling, lotteries, zoos, botanical gardens and amusement parks (Arts, entertainment and recreation Reference Group); and

  • Cross-sector Reference Group.

Interested experts are invited to apply through the ESCO Call to filling missing expertise survey, through the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/ESCOSurvey. This call for expression will end by the 30th June 2014.

Through the survey, interested experts can select the sector and sub-sector for which they would like to be involved. Through this call, only interested experts for those sectors where expertise is lacking will be considered.

For more information about the ESCO revision process, the subsectors and the organization of each of these Reference Groups, interested experts are invited to consult the mandates and the Frequently Asked Questions document attached to the Survey.