ESCO reaches out to translators

In a conference room with more than 400 representatives of universities, translators' associations, free-lance translators, Member-States' ministries, media and EU institutions, ESCO was presented during the First Translating Europe Forum. The big networking event with participants from around 50 different countries was organised by Commission's Directorate-General for Translations. The aim was to discuss translation tools, services and future prospects. The first day of the event was devoted to three topics: i) innovation in the translation sector; ii) EU initiatives and funding opportunities in the translation sector and iii) bridging the skills gap. The second day featured topics like translation and intellectual property rights and a round table on the future of the forum.

The what, why, who and how of ESCO were presented as well as the importance of addressing the challenges in multilingualism in the European labour market. With its coverage of 24 European languages ESCO is an essential tool to meet this challenge. It was explained to the 400 participants that the translation services will form part of the new sectoral Reference Group on professional, scientific and technical activities which will start with its work to develop the content of this sector in 2015. Interested translation experts were invited to contribute to ESCO. Once the first full scale version of ESCO (ESCO v1) is published, translators can use it as a source during their translations work. ESCO was present in this event as part of its stakeholder engagement process. The presentation was well received and generated interest particularly from the translators themselves.

The ESCO intervention during the conference formed part of a session on EU initiatives and funding opportunities for the translation sector. Further information on the conference can be found here.