ESCO supports interoperability learning courses for civil servants through the Commission’s Interoperability Academy

On 28 May 2020, ESCO participated in the “Bridging the digital gaps across Europe together” webinar organised by the Interoperability Academy of the Commission’s Directorate General for Informatics (DIGIT).

The Interoperability Academy aims to provide civil servants with educational resources related to Interoperability via an eLearning platform. The overall purpose is to minimise the digital skills gap through online training resources. Several standards will be used to describe learners’ profiles and learning paths, including the occupations, skills and knowledge areas within ESCO. Each learner profile defined by the Academy will therefore contain the relevant ESCO occupation and skills concepts, which allows for more personalised suggestions of training materials.

Participants at the webinar had the opportunity to learn about ESCO, its functionality and how different organisations across Europe use ESCO to do skills-based job-matching, to provide personalised career guidance and to do statistical analysis of skills demand and supply within the EU. To learn more, you can watch the recorded webinar here.

The Interoperability Academy is an action under the ISA2 programme as part of the Commission’s policy to shape Europe’s digital future. In this context, European organisations are joining their efforts to tackle citizens’ digital skills gap. This cooperation is possible through different initiatives within the Commission, such as ESCO, the EU Academy, the Interoperability Academy and the European Interoperability Framework.

To learn more about other examples of implementation of ESCO, please visit our ESCO use cases page. If you are an ESCO implementer and want to share your experience, please get in touch via email at EMPL-ESCO-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu,use our hashtag  #ESCO_EU and join our online forum at https://ec.europa.eu/esco/forum/.