Join the community forum for ESCO implementers and give your contribution to the further improvement of ESCO!

The European Commission is interested in getting a more in-depth understanding of how ESCO is used in the market, in particular in services and business cases. This is why it has published on the ESCO portal the community forum for ESCO implementers, a dedicated forum targeted at technical professionals who are using ESCO or are in the preparation phase for using it.

The forum allows organisations implementing ESCO in their own services to provide feedback on the practical use of ESCO as a building block of their system, share eventual issues related to the IT implementation and raise any change in the requirements of IT applications. It also offers specific sections dedicated to how to improve the ESCO dataset and how to access to the ESCO APIs.

Public and private stakeholders are encouraged to join the forum and submit their comments and feedback on how ESCO could be improved. The Commission will moderate the discussion and propose topics for debate, notably on how to collect data from the current implementers of ESCO and how to better assess ESCO’s performance.