Formal appointment of the third ESCO Maintenance Committee

On 12 March 2018, the European Commission established the list of the new members of the ESCO Maintenance Committee, following the end of the second Maintenance Committee's mandate.The ESCO Maintenance Committee consists of experts for classification systems and terminology of the labour market and of education and training. In December 2017, the Commission published a Call for candidates to the new committee. The Commission received an extraordinary number of applications, showing the interest from experts across Europe for supporting the further development of ESCO. The Commission selected the new committee members applying a list of criteria aimed at ensuring a high level of expertise, a full representation of ESCO's topics and areas of interest and geographical and gender balance.The new committee has 22 members and will focus on the continuous development of ESCO.

The list of members can be found here.The main functions of the newly established committee will be to advise the European Commission on technical and conceptual improvement of ESCO, give opinions on the approach to be taken for technical implementation, quality control and the revision of ESCO data and updating proposals, and provide technical advice on its implementation in software applications.The first meeting of the third Maintenance Committee will take place in Brussels on 23 April 2018.