Have your say on ESCO in our evaluation survey!

Nowadays, the landscape of recruitment, career guidance and research about the labour market has become increasingly exposed to digital technologies which drives innovative and improved services for students, employees, the unemployed and lifelong learners, in general. Due to its ontological structure and semantic richness, ESCO has been designed to fit in this digital landscape to support better job-matching, personalised career guidance and better intelligence on skills supply and demand.

In this context, the Commission aims to assess the success of ESCO and learn about its contribution to the delivery of digital services, projects or research in the labour market and education and training.

To reach this objective, the Commission is currently conducting an online survey addressed at ESCO implementers to better understand how ESCO is used and perceived, to identify the factors driving ESCO’s performance and, to the extent possible, learn about ESCO’s fitness for purpose in the current digital labour market and education and training dynamics.

The target audience of this survey is any public, private or non-profit organisation using ESCO in their systems, projects or research for any of the ESCO use cases: connecting people to jobs, connecting education with the labour market and performing labour market analysis on skills and occupational trends.

The survey is part of ESCO’s monitoring and evaluation strategy started in 2021 that aims to draw evidence-based conclusions about ESCO’s role and impact on the labour market and education and training. The results will feed into the continuous development of ESCO and its management while also providing transparency towards ESCO’s stakeholders.

The survey is open until 31st of December 2021 and you can access it through this link

Thank you in advance for your contribution and for spreading the word about our survey to your networks and partners!