Status of the ESCO mapping pilot

The European Commission launched the ESCO mapping pilot in the summer of 2014. Together with the public employment services of the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands and Spain the Commission will test the creation of "mappings" between their national classifications and ESCO.

The first workshop of the ESCO mapping pilot (16 July 2014, Brussels), focused on the scope and organisation of the mapping pilot, as well as on the role and expectations of the four participating public employment services. During this workshop, it was agreed that the mapping pilot will be done using the ESCO v1 data for the "Hospitality and tourism"-sector. Making use of a subset of ESCO v1 data secures the added value of the pilot exercise. It ensures that the end results of the mapping pilot are applicable to the mapping of entire national occupational classifications to ESCO v1. 

A second workshop was held on the 8 September 2014 in Brussels which aimed to finalise the methodology to assess the quality of the mappings. Since the content for the "Hospitality and Tourism" sector is in its final stages for ESCO v1, all parties involved agreed to wait for the finalisation and translation of the data before starting with the development of the actual mappings.

The third meeting of the ESCO mapping pilot is planned for March 2015. In the meantime, all four national classification systems have been translated into a machine readable format (SKOS).

The results of the pilot phase are expected to be available towards the summer of 2015.

The progress can be followed through the ESCO mapping pilot page in ESCOpedia, where workshop agendas and documents are published.