ESCO to support new recruitment technologies

On 2 June, ESCO team leader Mr Martin le Vrang presented the ESCO classification on the "Intelligent Machines and the Future of Recruitment" conference in Amsterdam.

Artificial Intelligence, semantic search, deep learning - more than 300 participants discussed major trends that will change the way recruiters work. Better digital tools will support the job search and matching process. The goal is to find a better fit between new employees and the expectation of an employer. Knowledge, skills and competences are top criteria to find the perfect match of people to jobs.

Mr le Vrang explained in this context how the ESCO classification will be able to make the digital tools better. It will provide a reference language to describe the profiles of people or the expectations of employers in 24 languages. And by using Linked Open Data technology and by offering APIs, it is well suited for the age of digital recruitment. This way, HR software, job boards, career guidance tools or online professional networks can make use of ESCO when providing services or exchanging information.