ESCO helping Academy Cube to improve its ICT talent platform

The e-learning and recruitment platform AcademyCube now uses ESCO to improve the matching of skills profiles with jobs for the ICT sector. In the framework of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs SAP SE made apledge to launch Academy Cube as its share to address the skills gap in the European ICT sector. The vendor-neutral platform had been announced by  SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe and the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes at CeBit 2013. 


Academy Cube gathers around it a network of universities and research companies, media companies, associations and public institutions and corporations and aims to connect students, graduates and professionals to employers and training providers. The platform proposes courses based on a job-seekers' self-assessment to teach the specific qualifications required by a job profile. Following the course a job-seeker is then given an  attendance certificate and possibly job offers. Global companies  in this network include SAP,Festo and Cisco Systems.


Academy Cube uses the ESCO occupations and skills terminology in the ICT sector to improve its matching capabilities. Christian Brandl, Head of Information Technology at Academy Cube, describes ESCO as "a great standard for company – specific job definitions" whilst addressing the great value that ESCO brought to the platform. Academy Cube works with a wide range of companies, each with its own understanding of what responsibilities for each specific occupation entails. This challenge was overcome by the use of ESCO as it provides the common understanding of what each occupation and its skills and competencies entail, and thus bring interoperability between all partners. 


The Commission has supported Academy Cube along the way. Brandl continues to explain that "it was quite easy to integrate the occupations, skills and competencies in to our system."