The use of ESCO in Croatia to deliver Labour Market Intelligence

The Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy in Croatia (MRSOP) has implemented the ESCO classification in two related projects: the mapping of national classifications of occupations to ESCO, and the development of the National Platform for Advanced Analytics of Labour Market’s Mechanics and Dynamics. This platform enables Croatian policy makers to interact with combined data originating from various sources: the Ministry of Labour, employment service, pension funds, the Croatian bureau of statistics and the Ministry of Education and Science. The ESCO mapping was used to present occupation and skills data divided into several thematic report groups like skill supply and skill demand, including geospatial analysis (based on NUTS and municipality level), analysis based on age and gender, combined with levels of education.

A part of the platform is dedicated to the regional skill analysis based on ESCO skill groups, which provides information on the importance of particular skills for any given geographical region divided by labour force segments (employed, unemployed, in-demand) and guided by occupational mappings (occupation specific, sector specific, cross sector).

The platform and its interactive reporting system fully comply with high interoperability standards and require minimal technical support. They are very intuitive and can be readily used by policy makers and analysts. Detailed data in the form of interactive reports on the labour market is provided from January 2018, while aggregated long term trends can be traced back for more than 10 years. Platform users can interact with data and export results in several common formats (PDF, JPEG, PPT, CSV).

The platform development continues in 2021 with the automation of data ingestion on a monthly basis for the current data sets and the continuation of data ingestion, classification and analysis for the new data obtained from the Ministry of Finance.

For more information about the project, please contact the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy in Croatia, Mrs. Irena Bačelić and Matej Petranović