Conference to showcase ESCO v1

The Commission is pleased to announce that the ESCO v1 conference will be taking place in Brussels on 9-10 October 2017.

What is the conference about?

After several years of intense development involving a wide variety of national and European stakeholders, the ESCO classification is ready to help education and training systems, and the labour market, better identify and manage skills, competences and qualifications.

The ESCO v1 conference represents a key milestone in this project and a chance to share the ESCO classification with the wider public. Including interactive workshops, showcases, keynote speeches and high-level discussions, the conference provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about the ESCO classification and the role it plays in reducing mobility barriers and facilitating cooperation across borders – as well as between the employment and education sectors.

Who is the target audience?

The event will encourage a variety of stakeholders to share ideas and knowledge including policy-makers at national and European level, leaders of public and private employment services, HR managers, job boards, representatives of the education/training sector, employers, professional and statistical organisations, skills councils and networks, and social partners.

What are the benefits of taking part?

All participating stakeholders will gain valuable insight into how ESCO:

  • enables the creation of machine readable and multilingual documents (CVs, job vacancies);
  • enables online competence-based job matching and the search for training opportunities;
  • supports education and training in the shift towards learning outcomes (as a standardised terminology);
  • enhances the functionality of skills-related intelligence tools and supports the statistical analysis of supply and demand;
  • supports competence-based career guidance services.

In addition, the event will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and help to establish a sustainable network of ESCO partners and stakeholder organisations.

How can I participate?

Please visit our ESCO Conference web page  to find more information about the different workshops and showcases.