ESCO at the PES Canary Islands

More than 100 employees from the Public Employment Services (PES) of the Canary Islands gathered in Las Palmas and Tenerife on 16 and 17 November 2015 to attend the ESCO workshops held by the ESCO Secretariat.

The objective of the workshops was to inform the PES employees about ESCO, the online consultation of the classifications in 16 sectors of economic activities (ongoing until 9 December 2015), the pilot project between ESCO and the Spanish classification of occupations (currently in planning), as well as practical applications of ESCO, referencing, in particular, the pilot project with Academy Cube. In addition, the ESCO Secretariat informed the attendees on the implications of the draft EURES Regulation and implementation of ESCO as of January 2017, once the draft EURES Regulation enters into force.

The workshop stook place in an interactive manner allowing the participants to take part in the ESCO job matching game and navigate through the ESCO portal and the online consultation platform.

Furthermore, the EURES Advisors at the PES Las Palmas and Tenerife presented the improved EURES website and showcased how ESCO has boosted its usability.