Testing ESCO in pilot projects

The Commission is currently preparing the release of ESCO v1. As part of these preparations the Commission cooperates with public and private stakeholders to test the ESCO classification in pilot projects. These pilot projects are an important source of feedback for the ESCO classification, and they give stakeholders the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the structure and potential of ESCO. To support the pilot projects, the Commission is preparing a pre-release version of ESCO v1 which will be very similar to the final ESCO classification.

The Commission invites public and private stakeholders to express their interest to carry out such in pilot projects. This can include use cases such as job search and job matching, career guidance, HR management and big data analyses. Organisations that are interested can directly contact the ESCO team of the Commission.

In the meantime preparations for a release of ESCO v1 are at full speed. The Commission finalised the reference version of ESCO and is currently translating it into 26 languages. In a consultation, Member States are invited to give feedback to the respective language versions of ESCO.