Welcome to the new ESCO portal

The Commission has made an overhaul of the ESCO portal since it was launched in October 2013 with the release of the ESCO classification v0.   Maintaining a similar style and colour scheme, the revamp makes it easier for users to find their way through the portal. This was the main reason for simplifying the portal structure into five sections. 

One new addition to the menu is ESCOpedia. This feature offers easy access to information about the ESCO project, its vision and the stakeholders involved. ESCOpedia is structured like an online encyclopedia. This innovative way of presenting background information about the ESCO project makes it easier for the user to find what he is looking for and to relate different aspects of the project. ESCOpedia will permanently evolve as the project progresses. The Commission publication ESCO booklet will still be available for download.  Future plans include the downloads of more publications in multiple languages.

The browsing ESCO functionality gives a new experience to the user. It gathers the options of browsing hierarchically and alphabetically and minimises the number of clicks to access the ESCO content.  A new important feature is the ability to compare different languages for a concept without changing the language of the portal's user interface, which is available in 22 languages.

Whether downloading the full SKOS or downloading the partial dataset with relationships or with concepts from one ESCO pillar in one language users have now a more stylish and user friendly design.

Users are invited to browse through the portal and contact the ESCO team. It has never been easier to send feedback, suggest changes to the classification or show interest to get involved in the development of ESCO.

The ESCO portal is a pillar in the project's communication strategy.  New developments and improvements will be launched in the coming months.