"Future Skills processor" - Competence profiles for the media sector based on ESCO

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has more than 73 Members in 56 countries, around 400 employees and 8 main departments. Each department needs to think about whether is ready for the future needs of the labour market. For this purpose EBU decided to make use of the ESCO knowledge/skills and competences to identify:

a. The skills gaps of their employees

 b. What departments and roles of EBU need more improvement

c. What training programme would add value for the various departments of EBU

EBU will benefits from using ESCO in manifold ways:

a. HR managers could create job vacancies by using the ESCO skills

b. The HR team of EBU would gain an in-depth understanding of EBU’s skills pool

c. The EBU’s Skills taxonomy based on ESCO could be replicated in any EBU Member organisation

d. The EBU would gain a centralised skills repository that can be easily updated and modified with future changes

From the ESCO perspective, the use of ESCO to develop an EBU competence catalogue is an interesting pilot. The ESCO team received valuable feedback for the occupational profiles in the media sector, in particular for the broadcasting sub-sector. But the pilot is also a concrete business case of how ESCO can be used in several organisations, companies and IT applications by developing an extension for specific purposes.

The business case between ESCO and EBU was presented on the 14th EBU Human resources assembly in Lisbon, in the CRF conference in Prague and on the 17th ESCO Board meeting in Berlin.