The Korea Employment Information Service (KIES) visited the ESCO team

On 23 April 2019, a delegation of the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) visited the European Commission for a meeting with ESCO and the new Europass.

The mission of KEIS is to collect, analyse and provide information related to employment, careers and jobs, to support the advancement of employment services and to run the employment information system of South Korea.

The aim of the visit was to understand more in depth how ESCO and Europass work and how ESCO was developed, following the Commission’s participation in the KEIS International Conference on Active Labour Market Policies of 5-6 December 2018.

The KEIS delegation was composed of the KEIS Human Resources Development Division Manager Mr Boreum Kim, the Data Analysis Division Manager Ms Soo-Chong Yi and, the Data Analysis Division Assistant Manager Ms Byung-Young Kim.

The Commission presented the ESCO classification, its main features and milestones and the new Europass, with a focus on:

  • The latest updates on the ESCO classification

  • The New Europass and the digitally signed credentials technical infrastructure

  • The EURES network and the EURES regulation

  • The ESCO data model

  • The implementation of ESCO by private and public employment services