Participation of the Digital Labour Market team in the Rethink! HR Tech Europe 2018

On 22 and 23 November, the Digital Labour Market team presented ESCO and EUROPASS during the Rethink! HR Tech Europe 2018, in Berlin.

The Rethink! HR Tech Europe 2018 is a leading HR summit bringing together CHROs & HR executives to discuss key industry topics, share knowledge, create new partnerships, and identify opportunities for their business.See more information about the agenda, here.

One day before the main event, on 21 November, the team participated in an ice breaking session about the role of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence in recruitment.

On the first day of the main event, the team informed participants about the recent trends of the Digital Labour Market. More specifically, it was presented that four out of ten employers in Europe have difficulties finding staff with the right skill set. The rise of digital technologies in recruiting offers an excellent opportunity to make labour markets more efficient and tackle these skills gaps.

A European Digital Labour Market can ensure interoperability between systems, open and fair access to information on skills, qualifications and jobs and better insights gathered through big data analysis. The presentation provided an overview of the European Commission’s activities in the field.

On the second day of the main event, the team participated in four workshops about different topics regarding the role and impact of new technologies in HR processes and recruitment.

These workshops offered to the participants the opportunity to dive deep into topics like:

a. Are we threatened by Artificial Intelligence or Robots taking our jobs or there are opportunities on human-machine collaboration?

b. Which is the current impact of Artificial Intelligence and automation in the different sectors of the economy?

The team also participated in a workshop about open badges and their role on improving skills management within an organisation.