Covid-19 Skills Watcher

In order to support the large number of workers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and promote a faster recovery, ESCO can support a more in-depth analysis of the current skill composition of the labour market. This is done on the basis of a data analysis methodology for visualising the results of different studies in terms of ESCO skills, in this case the ILO study “ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work” (available here) on Covid-19’s impact on different sectors. The COVID-19 Skills watcher offers a unique overview of skills that occur most frequently across occupations in every sector, where sectors are grouped by the level of impact of Covid-19 on their economic output.

The COVID-19 Skills watcher can be consulted in the “ESCO use cases” section, and a more detailed description is available in the “Documents” section.

This tool is a first illustration of how ESCO can respond to various needs of ESCO’s implementers. It provides labour market information and support for skills development, suggesting a focus on those skills that could potentially help workers in dealing with occupational changes. The infographic below shows use cases examples for Public Employment Services,e-learning platforms, international institutions and research bodies.

The Commission invites ESCO’s implementers to share use cases of ESCO to develop solutions for the Covid-19 crisis. If you are an ESCO implementer and want to share your experience, please get in touch via email at EMPL-ESCO-SECRETARIAT@ec.europa.eu, use our hashtag  #ESCO_EU and join our online forum at https://ec.europa.eu/esco/forum/.