ESCO at the "Delivering on Skills" conference

ESCO will be main topic of a panel discussion on a high-level seminar on 17 November in Brussels. The Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee will co-organise the event entitled "Delivering on Skills".The seminar seeks to explore good practices that can help fighting skills mismatch. The event exemplifies measures supporting skills matching, interoperability and skills anticipation by taking a closer look at the fashion and related industries.

After the Commission gave an overview and status update on ESCO, representatives of the ESCO Reference Groups will talk about their work and implications of ESCO for their industry. Speakers will include Mr Gustavo GONZALEZ QUIJANO and Ms Stéphanie LE BERRE of the Reference Group "Manufacturing of Textile, Apparel, Leather, Footwear and related products" as well as Mr Steffen GEBAUER of the Reference Group "Wholesale and retail trade, renting and leasing".

The session on ESCO will be followed by a panel discussion on EU sectoral skills instruments.

Participants will be able to speak and listen in three languages: English, French and German. Please see the conference website for further information, full programme and registration.