An ESCO implementer, Skilllab, received a top award on Artificial Intelligence

Google announced on the 7th of May that Skilllab B.V. is one of 20 organizations that will share $25 million in grants from Google.org, credit and consulting from Google Cloud and coaching by Google’s AI experts as a grantee of the Google AI Impact Challenge. Skilllab is a social business developing technology-based solutions that helps employment services to better integrate refugees into local labour markets. With Skilllab’s assessment tool, refugees identify and document their professional skills fast and in their native languages and explore professional career pathways they could pursue in a given labour market. Skilllab’s application and data model is based on the European classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO). Skilllab also got inspired on how skills and occupations are embedded in another EU tool that assists refugees and migrants in documenting and mapping their skills and qualifications, namely the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals. ESCO and the EU Skills Profile Tool help Skilllab to offer better skill assessments for labour market integration of refugees. Drawing on a data model of 13,485 skills from ESCO, Skilllab’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables job seekers to identify and document their skills matching to 2,942 occupations in the European labour market.

With the grant, Skilllab B.V. will be able to further develop its AI based technology that allows assessing refugees’ skills and competences based on ESCO more rapidly and linking the skillset to occupation profiles. Ulrich Scharf, Managing Director of Skilllab B.V. said:

“Through the common language of ESCO, we are able to deliver an innovative skill assessment tool that is compatible with the public employment services of today and tomorrow. We can focus on technical innovation and value creation by building on the foundations of high-quality competence framework”.

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