ESCO Secretariat meets UEAPME

On the 11th of June 2015 the ESCO Secretariat was invited to attend the Training Committee of UEAPME, the employer’s organisation representing the interests of crafts, trades and SMEs at European level.

The Training Committee gathers education and training experts from national member organisations. 

The secretariat presented the ESCO project and invited the experts to participate in the online consultation that will be launched in October 2015. 

The presentation was followed by a very fruitful discussion, in which the members of UEAPME raised several questions concerning the project, in particular its scope and the challenging task to create occupational profiles at EU level.

The secretariat clarified that each occupational profile will have a certain number of “essential skills”, common in all the EU countries, and a list of optional skills, that can be used “a la carte” by the final beneficiaries. It also clarified that the aim of ESCO is not creating new qualifications, but using what already exists. Finally, UEAPME showed a great interest in being involved in the process and in replying to the online consultation.