Work context

Work context refers to concepts that can be used to describe the specific context of different jobs that belongs to the same occupation. Work context can for example describe a work places, types of company, environmental conditions, products, technologies or business activities.


The ESCO occupation "waiter/waitress" covers jobs that can take place in a very different work environment. To capture these differences, work context concepts such as "fine-dining restaurant", "event catering", "pub" or "buffet" could be used.

Waiters/waitresses in pubs and in fine-dining restaurants have many skills and competences in common. The description of work context makes it clearer in which type of business and which group of customers these skills and competences need to be applied.

Work context is not part of ESCO. It is neither included in ESCO v0, nor in ESCO v1. It might be considered as a new feature in a future release of ESCO though.