Skills passport

A skills passport is a tool or document allowing people to record their skills, competences and knowledge. These can be the result of formal, informal or non-formal learning.

EURES Skills passport in Hospitality and Tourism

The EURES Job Mobility Portal introduced the first sectoral skills passport in June 2014. It covers the sector of hospitality and tourism and was developed by the Commission in association with HOTREC, the umbrella association representing hotels, restaurants, cafés and similar establishments in Europe, and the European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors (EFFAT) in order to support EURES. The EURES skills passport not only enables users to record their work experience. It also allows them to request previous employers to endorse skills that have been obtained on the job.

Results from the development of the skills passport fed into the work of the Sectoral Reference Group on Hospitality and Tourism. The terminology of the EURES sectoral skills passport in hospitality and tourism is therefore consistent with the work results of this group and the terminology in ESCO.

Examples for Skills Passports


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