About Skilllab

Skilllab offers services for job seekers to uncover professional career pathways into jobs, education and volunteering. Their clients are Public and Private Employment Agencies and Non-Profit Organisations providing career support. Their activity is developed in all EU countries and in all the languages offered by ESCO. They are also increasing their activity outside of EU borders.

They use ESCO as a skill model to assess an individual’s skills and match them to relevant jobs in the labour market.

Key services

Their services include: Skilllab’s mobile app, which is a personal career assistant that makes professional career pathways into local jobs, education and volunteering visible.

Job seekers benefit from Skilllab as follows:

  • To capture and present skills and knowledge gained in the past
  • To better understand their personal skillsets and how they relate to career and learning pathways
  • To automatically generate detailed and well-designed CVs
  • To empower jobseekers to take more agency of searching and finding jobs and education opportunities

Employment agencies benefit from Skilllab as follows:

  • To understand a job seekers complete skillset
  • To have insights for effective and personalized career counselling
  • For Skill-based job matching, in order to increase the chances of placing job seekers into the right jobs
  • To inform data-driven policy-making and program design

Benefits of ESCO

Skillab benefit from ESCO as follows:

  • Job seekers use the mobile app in one of 27 languages, from anywhere and on their own time
  • Drawing on a data model of 13,485 skills, their Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables job seekers to identify and document their skills
  • Skill-based matching to 2,942 occupations in the European labour market