Matching skill sets of individuals with highly demanded skill sets of jobs or occupations in the IT area is a great challenge. Adding necessary learning items and visualizing the result is a very promising end to end approach. With the “Open Skill Match Maker” (OpenSKIMR), young people are able to plan and simulate their individual learning and career routes to their desired destination like with classical route planning software.

Our pilot project demonstrates the concepts hands on: first, the possibility to declare existing, individual skills and get a match to possible IT professions and potential learnings in order to understand the concrete options present within the ICT labor market.

Second, it is able to visualize the path to these options like a route map to a destination. This playful approach, supported by algorithms and visualizations, supports young people to find their way.

The matching of people to career options is a complement to traditional counselling and job search assistance. At the same time, as complexity in jobs is increasing, it can address the urging need for upskilling and life-long learning within the public and private sector. As job profiles are transforming, it can provide orientation and address employees’ feelings to update knowledge and learn something new which is relevant.

ESCO is the vital basis for our work and the starting point for building our applications and algorithms. Its multilingual classification of occupations, skills, competences and qualifications, will ensure a consistent understanding of the skills and qualification. It allows OpenSKIMR to be scalable across the European Union and to be linked to relevant international classifications and frameworks as well.

Thus ESCO supports our vision of providing more and equal opportunities for young people in education and in the labour market.

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