ESCO v1 is the first full-scale ESCO version. It is scheduled for release by mid-2017.

Different from the previous ESCO versions which have versioning numbers starting with 0 (zero), it is not only recommended for piloting and testing, but also for systems in production that deliver services to end users. As of this version, a versioning mechanism will keep track of changes in ESCO.

Content of ESCO v1

ESCO v1 follows the three pillar approach. It will contain around 3,000 occupations, 13,500 knowledge, skill and competence concepts and a framework for the qualifications pillar. ESCO v1 wil be available in 26 languages.

Development of ESCO v1

Between ESCO v0 and ESCO v1, the content of the classification has been entirely re-developed. The work took from 2011 until 2017. The ESCO Maintenance Committee has overseen the revision process.

The ESCO v1 data has been developed following two approaches:

The Cross-sector Reference Group has supported the horizontal development of the classification throughout the whole process.

ESCO versions

ESCO v0 - ESCO v0.1 - ESCO v0.2 - ESCO v0.8 - ESCO v0.9 - ESCO v1 - ESCO v1.1