ESCO Member States Working Group

The ESCO Member States Working Group (MSWG) is composed by representatives of Member States’ authorities on labour market and education and training plus European social partners and its aim is to support the development and implementation of ESCO, including its links with the updated EURES regulation.


The main objective of the MSWG is to advise and support the Commission on the implementation and development of ESCO and ensure its interoperability with the national classification systems on employment.

Role and responsibilities

  • To act as consultation and information forum on ESCO between Commission, Member States' authorities and European social partners and to stimulate the debate between employment and education at national level;
  • To prepare the grounds for the implementation of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on a European Network of Employment Services, workers' access to mobility services and the further integration of labour markets (EURES). For this the group will update and endorse any topics related to the ESCO content, supporting the Commission in the preparation of the implementing acts required by the Regulation and aimed at regularly update and adapt ESCO;
  • To assist the Commission in the implementation of ESCO related projects at national level and the continuous quality improvement of ESCO, including its fitness-for-purpose in various use cases

Working methods

The Commission schedules the meetings whenever required, at least once a year and in Brussels as general rule. Meetings of the MSWG are held in English. A part from the Members of the group, as appointed by national authorities and European social partners, Members of other bodies currently involved in the governance of ESCO, such as the ESCO Board and the ESCO Maintenance Committee, observers, the ESCO Secretariat and conctrators supporting the ESCO Secretariat join MSWG meetings. Results of the meetings are documented in minutes and published on the ESCO Portal.



Webinars on targeted topics


The group is composed of representatives from Member States on employment and education and training affairs and representatives from European Social Partners. Each Member State appoints up to two national experts as members of the group. Each European organisation representing social partners appoints one member to the group. The members present at the meeting are mandated to contribute on behalf of the country.