10 Trends Shaping Migration

7 December 2017

Today, about 244 million people live outside their country of birth. That's 3% of humanity. Migration has always been changing, but the ways it intersects with socio-economic, demographic and technological transformations are now reshaping it in unprecedented ways.

What are the 10 trends currently shaping the way people migrate and migration policies?

Irregular Migration via the Central Mediterranean

Issue 22
2 February 2017
From Emergency Responses to Systemic Solutions

Between 2011 and 2016, some 630,000 irregular migrants and refugees reached Italy via the Central Mediterranean and more than 13,000 lost their lives attempting the crossing. Despite the launch of several large-scale maritime surveillance and rescue operations since the end of 2013, migratory pressures have not relented and human losses remain unacceptable. To put an end to the humanitarian crisis and regain control over external borders, a systemic solution is needed at EU level, in dialogue with sending and transit countries.

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