High-Level Hearing: A European Union Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

27 March 2018
Berlaymont Building, Brussels

On 27 March 2018, the European Political Strategy Centre hosted six leading international experts for a High-Level Hearing on ‘A European Union Strategy for Artificial Intelligence’ to intellectually accompany the European Commission’s ongoing public consultation on Artificial Intelligence. During the Hearing, the experts were asked to address a set of predetermined questions with the knowledge that a full transcript of the Hearing would be submitted as a public contribution to the consultation.

The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Issue 29
27 March 2018
Towards a European Strategy for Human-Centric Machines

Deployed wisely, AI holds the promise of addressing some of the world’s most intractable challenges. But the significance of its positive impact is mirrored by its likely destabilising effects on some aspects of economic and social life. Our paper explores the opportunities and ethical challenges that come with AI and focuses on how Europe can sharpen its competitive edge vis-à-vis other leading economies, such as the United States and China.

Back in the Game

Issue 27
28 September 2017
Reclaiming Europe’s Digital Leadership

Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence are driving economic and societal changes of unprecedented pace and scale. To better respond to the needs of its businesses and citizens’ and to keep up with the rapidly-growing tech giants around the world, Europe must come together and actively play on its key assets – a strong reputation for quality and safety, a leading research community, and a prominent positioning in favour of protection of personal data and fundamental rights and liberties.

Connected Continent for a Future-Proof Europe

Issue 19
25 July 2016
Ensuring Affordable, Fast and Reliable Internet Access for a Thriving Digital Ecosystem
Ensuring Affordable, Fast and Reliable Internet Access for a Thriving Digital Ecosystem

The long-term success of a digital economy based on the Internet of Things, Machine to Machine technologies, cloud computing and Big Data, will crucially depend on access to the highest quality telecom infrastructure. With no prospect of enjoying fast and ultra-fast reliable Internet access, few industries will invest in Europe and citizens will struggle to benefit from the digital revolution. That is why Europe must raise its digital game.

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