Amela Hubic, PhD, is a senior economic advisor at the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC), the in-house think tank of the European Commission.

Amela has strong educational background in economics and finance and extensive experience in high-level international relations and policy dialogue acquired at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the European System of Central Banks.

Through her solid experience at the Research department of the Central Bank of Luxembourg, her PhD experience in modelling as well as in data analysis (using applied quantitative methods), and her teaching at the EcoMod Modelling School allowed her in developing strong skills for applied economic research, conceptual and innovative thinking, policy analysis and formulation, and the ability to master complex information and convert it into well-structured policy recommendations.

More recently, her work has focused on the policies related to deepening and strengthening of the EU’s economic and monetary union, and EU trade policies and their distributional impact.

Amela has an excellent spoken and written knowledge of several European languages - English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Bosnian.

She holds a PhD in economics and business from Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) & Solvay Brussels School.

Career Highlights

  • Senior Economic Counselor, Governor's office, Banque centrale du Luxembourg, 2017
  • Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, Executive Board, International Monetary Fund (IMF), 2011-2017
  • Fiscal Expert, Research and Economics Department, Banque centrale du Luxembourg, 2007-2011

Academic Highlights

  • Ph.D. in Economics and Business, Solvay Brussels School & Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), 2015
  • MA in Applied Economics, ULB
  • MA in Economics and Finance, ULB
  • Research Fellow, EcoMod, Global Economic Modeling Network, 2005-present