Policy Analyst

Before joining the EPSC, Sandra worked at the University of Oxford. There, she was a research assistant for the Economics of Sustainability Programme at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), and then a researcher and editor for OurWorldinData.org in INET’s Employment, Equity and Growth Programme. In the latter role, her work focused on topics in development and gender. Earlier in her career, Sandra worked for three years in the banking sector as an analyst for Barclays Capital in New York. Sandra has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and English Literature and a Master’s in Public Policy.

Career Highlights

  • Researcher and Editor, OurWorldinData.org – Employment, Equity and Growth Programme – University of Oxford, 2017
  • Research Assistant and Project Coordinator, Economics of Sustainability Programme – University of Oxford, 2015-2017
  • Analyst, Barclays Capital New York, 2010-2013

Academic Highlights

  • Master’s in Public Policy, King’s College London, 2014
  • Bachelor’s in Economics and English Literature, University of Virginia, 2010