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EU-Japan: Advanced Economies Shaping the Next Stage of Inclusive Globalisation

7 July 2017

The timing of the conclusion of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement is not coincidental. In today’s state of intense geopolitical uncertainty, the economic partnership concluded between the EU and Japan surpasses mere business interests. It is a forceful and timely joint statement of intent in favour of multilateralism and strategic cooperation at a time when isolationism and confrontation are all too prevalent.

EU Security and Defence in a Volatile World

Newsletter 4
21 June 2017

Security has become one of the biggest preoccupations of EU citizens – and with good reason. The volatile strategic environment, combined with recent dynamics in the transatlantic relationship, suggest that Europe must do more to take its destiny in its own hands. Against this backdrop, the European Commission presented, on 7 June, a major new package on the future of European Defence.

With this newsletter, we are delighted to further the debate on how to meet the unprecedented security challenges of our times, and to share with you important insights from key voices, including Vice-Presidents and Commissioners of the European Commission, Prime Ministers and Defence Ministers from Member States, military commanders, defence industry representatives, and experts from the think tank community.

Greenfield Investment Monitor #1

15 May 2017
In Focus: China’s Expansion in the EU

In Focus: China’s Expansion in the EU

The Greenfield Investment Monitor is a new occasional publication by the EPSC that aims to provide updates on the state of play of greenfield investment in the EU. Accessible to experts and novices alike, this first edition offers an overview of greenfield investment flows into Europe and takes a closer look at where and how much China really is investing in the EU.

The European Story

1 March 2017
60 years of shared progress

The 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome is a welcome opportunity to reflect on the future of the European Union – mostly by looking forward, but also by evaluating past decades. At a time when some of the fundamental principles that have so far underpinned democratic states and advanced economies seem under threat, it is all the more important to remind ourselves of the original goals of European integration.

The European story is one of peace, democracy, solidarity and freedom, but also of prosperity, equality, well-being and sustainability. At this critical juncture in history, it is worthwhile remembering the principles that unite us as Europeans, and the shared successes we have enjoyed together. Certainly, there have been setbacks, and future challenges can sometimes appear overwhelming. This is why a period of dialogue, reflection and deliberation is needed. Taking stock of Europe’s performance over time can perhaps be a useful start.

The Trump Presidency

14 February 2017
Policy Outlook, Scenarios and Possible Implications for the EU

The inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the most powerful nation in the world – and Europe’s closest ally to date – could act as a game changer in transatlantic relations and accelerate the transformation of the post-Cold War order. Will the ‘checks and balances’ of the American democratic system constrain the power of the Executive Office and mitigate attempts to upend current policy fundamentals? How should the EU and its Member States respond to early decisions of the Trump administration and make the most of a volatile situation?

EU 2016: From Trends to Policies

19 September 2016

EU 2016: From Trends to Policies examines a comprehensive set of trends that characterise Europe and the world, and extrapolates policy options for the European Union.


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