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Sustainable Europe 2030

8 April 2019
From Goals to Delivery

This publication was put together in the context of the High-Level Conference ‘Sustainable Europe 2030: From Goals to Delivery’ and presents a short collection of insightful, forward-looking essays on the topic.


8 April 2019
Global Trends to 2030

The next decade will be defining for the future of Europe and Europe’s role in the world. The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) report Global Trends to 2030: Challenges and Choices for Europe is a forward-looking contribution to support policy- and decision-makers in the upcoming 2019-2024 EU institutional cycle, which promises to hold new challenges, but also opportunities.

Europe's Sustainability Puzzle

8 April 2019
Broadening the Debate

Delivering on sustainable development is about far more than ticking the boxes of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taking the EU and the world on a sustainable path requires a deep economic and societal transformation across the board. Above all, it means recognising the unique sustainability struggles that Europe faces: those of a highly-advanced economy in which citizens have become accustomed to certain levels of social protection and private consumption, but which today faces significant structural challenges.

EU Industrial Policy After Siemens-Alstom

18 March 2019
Finding a New Balance Between Openness and Protection

Amid calls for a more ambitious and strategic EU industrial policy, this paper explores a possible new balance between openness and protection as part of a joined-up strategy to create a more level global playing field, while shoring up industrial innovation and productivity at home.

Joining Forces

14 February 2019
The Way Towards the European Defence Union

The Way Towards the European Defence Union

This Brief highlights how a genuine and credible European Defence Union, in strong partnership with NATO, can effectively contribute to global stability, and deliver on the promise of lasting peace, security and prosperity.

Strong Europe, Better World

21 January 2019
Defending Global Cooperation, Multilateralism and Democracy in Turbulent Times

As this new publication highlights, the EU is committed to standing up for multilateralism and democracy. With over six decades of experience in pursuing cooperation, the EU has a unique vantage point on the need to work together and to respect each other’s views. 

A Union that Delivers

14 January 2019
Making Use of the Lisbon Treaty’s Passerelle Clauses

The unprecedented speed of societal, technological and geopolitical change today means EU policymaking needs to become more responsive and agile. With its ‘passerelle’ clauses, the Lisbon Treaty allows for a transition to more effective modes of decision-making in areas such as Common Foreign and Security Policy, taxation and social policy, which are central to addressing some of the world’s biggest societal challenges. The EU should not waste the opportunity to better equip itself for demanding times ahead. Shifting to qualified majority voting in selected areas would not only result in more effective decisions but also strengthen the EU as a global actor.

Shaping The Future In A Fast-Changing World

28 November 2018
Global Trends To 2030

Global power shifts, pressure on liberal democracies, challenges to global governance, the transformation of economic models and of the very fabric of societies, new uses and misuses of technology, humanity’s growing ecological footprint: the world may be on the cusp of a new geopolitical, geo-economic and geo-technological order.

To stimulate thinking about the key trends that will shape the world to 2030 – and their possible implications for the EU – we have put together a collection of over 35 original, insightful and forward-looking essays authored by global thought leaders, foresight practitioners and strategists who spoke at the 2018 ESPAS Annual Conference ‘Global Trends to 2030: Shaping the Future in a Fast-Changing World.’

10 Trends Reshaping Climate and Energy

3 December 2018

The once remote-seeming dangers of climate change are today a reality – also in Europe. As the world struggles to limit global warming, what are the major trends reshaping global and European energy markets, regulatory and policy frameworks, and technological progress that will determine whether Europe will, one day, be able to achieve a climate-neutral economy?

Democracy and Governance in the Digital Age

Newsletter #6
26 November 2018

With just a few months to go before over 367 million citizens across the EU will be invited to vote in the next European elections, the European Political Strategy Centre – the European Commission’s in-house think tank – zeroes in on some of the biggest threats and opportunities facing our democracies in the digital era.

From election interference and disinformation, to the future of civic participation and liberal democracy, this sixth edition of our thematic newsletter ‘Democracy and Governance in the Digital Age’ highlights some of the world’s most pressing contemporary issues – many of which will also be covered at the landmark European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) annual conference that takes place later this week (Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 November).


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