Five Presidents’ Report Series

An Effective Global Partner

Background Note
2 March 2016
External Representation of the Euro Area

The consolidation of the external representation of the euro area would enable its members to coordinate positions and defend their shared interests more effectively…

Ownership and Accountability

Background Note
2 March 2016
How Can Democratic Legitimacy of Policies Be Reinforced?

According to the basic legal Treaties of the European Union, the European principle of democracy is based on the concept of dual legitimacy

Better Living Standards for All

Background Note
2 March 2016
How to Foster Convergence in and among EMU Economies?

In the EU and euro area contexts, ‘convergence’ usually refers to the progressive approximation of poorer Members States to richer ones in terms of economic and social performance…

Better Economic Governance

Background Note
2 March 2016
What, Why and How?

‘Economic governance’ is a concept that combines the principles and architecture of economic policymaking with the institutions and practices that shape the evolution of an economy…

Further Risk Reduction in the Banking Union

Issue 3
9 November 2015
Severing the ‘Doom Loop’

There are several questions still to be addressed in the full implementation of the agreed Banking Union actions. This remains a source of potential vulnerability that so far has not been addressed by the many reforms of the euro area or the banking legislation. This note explores possible ways to deal with the situation.

Bridge Financing Options for the Single Resolution Fund

Issue 2
9 November 2015
Strengthening the EU’s Financial System

One of the key aspects of the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) is the creation of a Single Resolution Fund (SRF), financed by bank contributions. In the initial phase, the Fund is composed of ‘national compartments’, which will be merged after a transitional period of eight years.

Towards a European Deposit Insurance Scheme

Issue 1
9 November 2015
Regaining Citizens’ Trust, Safeguarding Banks’ Stability

A common deposit insurance scheme, on the other hand, would increase resilience against future crises. Consequently, the Five Presidents’ Report proposed setting up a European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS) as the third pillar of a fully-fledged Banking Union, alongside bank supervision and resolution.

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