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Find out how the flagship initiatives of the zero pollution action plan are being implemented.

The Zero Pollution Action Plan set out 9 flagship initiatives listed below and 33 actions (see the list here). Active stakeholder involvement will be essential to implement them. We will provide you with regular information on their implementation here and through the newsletter. 

If you are interested in contributing to any of these initiatives, please register for the newsletter.

The Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform will also develop a Work Programme for 2022 to 2024. Once agreed, updated information on the activities listed in the Work Programme will be available here.

           1. Reducing health inequalities through zero pollution

           2. Supporting urban zero pollution actions

           3. Promoting zero pollution across regions

           4. Facilitating zero pollution choices

           5. Enforcing zero pollution together

           6. Showcasing zero pollution solutions for buildings

           7. Living labs for green digital solutions and smart zero pollution

           8. Minimising the EU's external pollution footprint

           9. Consolidating the EU's knowledge Centers for zero pollution