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Reporting Requirements under the UWWT Directive

In order to facilitate the communication of information on the implementation of the Directive to the public and the collection of information by the European Commission, the UWWT Directive includes provisions requiring Member States to report.

Article 16 of the Directive requires Member States to ensure that situation reports on the disposal of urban waste water and sludge are published by the relevant authorities or bodies every two years. The Directive requires that the Commission also receive a copy of the report.

Article 17 of the Directive requires Member States to provide the Commission with information on the status and programme of implementation for the Directive. Commission Decision 93/481/EEC provides the information that this report should contain and the format in which it should be supplied. The first report should be updated every two years.

Article 15 of the Directive requires Member States to collect monitoring data and to make it available to the Commission within 6 months of receipt of a request. To date the Commission has issued such requests every two years.

Commission compliance assessment

When Member States have supplied information to the Commission it is used for the following purposes:

  1. To check legal transposition, compliance and assess the state of implementation of the Directive;
  2. To compile statistics; and
  3. To create a European-wide picture to inform the public.

Find here the implementation reports published by the Commission based on the reports of the Member States.

Water Information System for Europe (WISE) Freshwater portal

The integrated approach on water management in the EU, implementing the EU water legislation and in particular the Water Framework Directive (WFD), necessitates an integrated information management of all EU water policies. In order to achieve the most effective use of the data provided by the Member States’ reports, the Commission (DG Environment, the Joint Research Centre and Eurostat) together with the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the Member States developed a “Water Information System for Europe” (WISE) portal. The WISE portal was launched in March 2007 and has since then become a comprehensive and shared European data and information management system for water.

The revamped WISE portal shows information submitted by Member States under a number of reporting streams for multipurpose use with many points of accessibility for end-users e.g. public authorities and the general public, allowing comparisons of information on an appropriate geographical scale, etc. WISE enables an efficient performance of EU-level analyses, streamlines reporting and monitoring and empowers citizens.